Monday, April 28, 2014

Under The Skin

From Mica Levi's score for Under the Skin (click picture). Really looking forward to seeing this. Watch the trailer here. Listen to the full score here.



Sara said...

Looks super trippy. Was totally lost as to what the storyline was til I read the synopsis and yeah....didn't see that coming. Soundtrack is awesome.The look and feel is very awesome. Kuddos to SJ for doing cool indie stuff lately.

bean said...

I just finished the novel it is loosely based on. It was fantastic.

Fangoria magazine did an interview with the director and after learning about the experimental way they filmed it, I am looking forward to seeing it even more. They would film some scenes with people they'd approach on the street. Afterwards they would tell them it was for a film, and asked for their permission to use the footage. Some said yes, some said no.

Also, the score is by a woman who'd never done a film before, and who is deep in the London experimental music scene. The score, which I am obsessively listening to right now, is like a character onto itself - a rarity in film these days.

Sara said...

Very cool. I'll check out the Fangoria feature.