Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Never Liked Camp


I must admit, I love this reinterpretation of a classic theme (click picture).

I find it's best to always use headphones - the music is so much more warm and intimate, and the little details don't get lost. At least, that's how I listen.

Photographer Garmonique
Composer Steve Jablonsky


Rot said...

Great post, love.
That is a fantastic photo for it.

Jay's Shadow said...

I totally agree with the use of headphones. (That's probably why I have ringing in my ears)

It's amazing the little things you hear when you block out the outside world noises.

bean said...

Jay's Shadow... yep....I think that's why my ears ring too. :)

I want to walk into the music...not just hear it. And thanks to Rottie's Christmas gift a couple of years ago, I have the most kick ass, deep bass set of headphones a girl could ask for. Thanks, love. ;)