Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Walk Of A Dead Man
That's some sexy shit.

Song by Massive Attack (click picture)



girl6 said...

we own the third man via Criterion.
one of the Best purchases ever!

bean said...


Shadow of a Doubt is one of my favorites.

girl6 said...

oh yes, it is very very Fine!.

i got really hooked on the whole dangerous dames series, i think it all started with seeing "Double Indemnity", omg that movie blew my mind, it still does, such a Scorcher!..& after i saw "They Drive by Night", ohhhh man, i was totally addicted to Ida Lupino, i wanted to know everything about her..she's actually directed as well, such a true renaissance woman, doing it all in a man's game.

those movies are Forever, that's how truly Perfect they are.
sighhhh..old movies

girl6 said...

Ohhhhh & Joseph Cotton..<3333333
i'm so proud to own his autograph.

& he sooooo held his own & then some in Citizen Kane.