Friday, December 20, 2013

Coal For Your Stocking

Rat Jelly

See the rat in the jelly
steaming dirty hair
frozen, bring it out on a glass tray
split the pie four ways and eat
I took great care cooking this treat for you
and tho it looks good
and tho it smells of Westinghouse still
and tastes of exotic fish or
maybe the expensive arse of a cow
I want you to know it's a rat
steaming dirty hair and still alive

(caught him last Sunday
thinking of the fridge, thinking of you.)

Photo by Junker Jane
Poem by Michael Ondaatje


Jay's Shadow said...

I remember that photo. I used it as a pic on my desktop one Christmas. Such a cool one.

bean said...

Yep...I kept searching and searching...but none were as perfect as this one. She's a talented gal.

Rot said...

This poem is really quite amazing.