Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sickly Witchy Pumpkin Stack

I love pumpkins very, very much...even when they're sickly. :)

They reside in my Etsy shop.


Rot said...

Witches can be SO cruel towards pumpkins ; )

Grim said...

Just made my first Pumpkin Hollow purchase... saw something I couldn't resist and I have the perfect shelf for them to sit on. Can't wait!

Oh yeah, and that corpse that was reserved for Lisa must have been modeled after one of my favorites. I really like the hands up near the head for that look of sheer terror!

bean said...

Thanks, Grim!!!! I really appreciated it. And the corpse for Lisa IS the one you like. It's the one from the actual display. It's from 2004: