Monday, August 11, 2008

Off Topic Post: Halloween Shopping

Went Halloween shopping with Pumpkinrot yesterday and found a sweet little box. I'll be keeping my most ghoulish little trinkets inside.



Grim said...

That is cool! I wish I could come across a deal like that, seems like everything I ever want costs about $80 or something like that. I saw some animated gargoyles yesterday that were really good looking, but they were about $80 each. I asked myself "Why can't they just make this in a version that is not animated and talking (I could care less about all that), and just make one that sits still like a statue for about $30 or so?". Sorry for rambling... said...

i want that f'n thing

RC Reese said...

I have that box too. I bought it through a catalog last year that came with lil' halloween ornaments. I love it too.